The Secret to Crafting the Perfect Morning Routine

The Secret to Crafting the Perfect Morning Routine
Now more than ever, a thoughtful, intentional well-crafted morning routine can help you go from getting crushed by your day, to crushing the day. If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to spice up your morning routine, look no further, we’re sharing our favorite tried-and-true tips to help you get more out of your morning.


Perpetuate what you want to propagate.

How do you currently feel in the morning? Stressed? Anxious? Rushed? Starting your day 30 minutes behind is a sure-fire way to make sure that same energy is carried through the remainder of the day. Stop for a moment and run a mental audit of your morning routine. What is the first thing you do each morning? How do the results of these actions carry into the rest of your day?


Your morning routine sets the tone for your day, so its import you ensure you perpetuate what you want to propagate throughout your day. When developing your morning routine think about the emotions you value and want to carry with you throughout your day. Next, brainstorm activities draw out these emotions. Want to feel energized? Consider implementing a morning exercise routine. Do you prefer to feel calm? Try meditating, completing a morning free-write, or setting aside an extra 30 minutes to leisurely enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Whatever you decide, start with the resulting emotion, habit, or feeling in mind.


When it comes to time, more is more.

Who wouldn’t want more time in the morning? Or in general for that matter. What would waking up an hour earlier each day give you the time to do?

Conduct an audit of how you currently spend your time in the mornings? What takes the most time? What takes the least time? What could be done the night before? Set systems in place that promote efficiency. This means experimenting with recipes that shave cooking time and cleaning out your favorite travel mug the night before. An effective morning routine will give you more time to spend on activities that bring you a sense of calm or motivation will give you the clean slate needed to crush your day.


Start your day with a win.

Start your day with an accomplishment. No matter how small, starting your day with a win will help fuel your motivation to meet the day’s demands. Think about one, manageable task that you would take personal pride in completed each morning. This could be related to a long-term goal, like spend 20 minutes working on the book you’ve always dreamed of getting published or a spending time exploring a personal passion like learning a new language—spending 15 minutes each morning to maintain your Duolingo streak can help you start the day with confidence. Whatever your idea of a win is, make sure it’s easy to do but substantial enough that you will feel a sense of personal satisfaction by completing it each morning. Starting your day with a win will allow you to develop the momentum needed to tackle larger projects later on in the day.


Your perfect morning begins the night before.

Make sure your PM routine that supports your AM goals. Design an evening routine that helps you stress less in the morning.

Activities to help you save time in the morning include:  

    • Meal prepping your favorite breakfast.
      • Pro-tip: Even something like loading your coffee maker with your go-to coffee beans and water can help save time in the morning.
    • Plan out your daily schedule beforehand.
    • Working from home? Prep your workspace the night before.

    Need more inspiration? Download our free worksheet to help you design your perfect morning routine.


    What’s your favorite way to kick off the morning? Let us know in the comments 👇🏻👇🏿👇🏼👇🏼👇🏽

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