Mid-Year Review (Free Digital Download)

Mid-Year Review (Free Digital Download)

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Find clarity with this free Mid-Year Review worksheet.

Based on the same framework at our Reflect + Refine 1:1 Journal, this printable worksheet will help you assess the last six months to gain insight and fresh clarity for the second half of the year.

The Reflect + Refine 1:1 Journal is designed to help you live a more effective, introspective and intentional life.

Track your wins

Celebrate your wins big or small, to maintain motivation and increase self-confidence.

Find solutions

Consider challenges and generate actionable solutions that bring you closer to your goals.

Conquer your day

Stay on top of your goals with Daily Reviews and Weekly Check-ins to assess your progress over time.

Everything you need to crush your goals.

Find focus

Our products make it easy for you to gain clarity on what matters most.

Optimize your day

Optimize your day with our blend of structured and flexible layouts to help you optimize your day.

Create balance

All of our productivity tools are designed with progress and personal insight in mind.